How We Work

We work in partnership with our client’s management team and staff, to optimise value whilst transferring the knowledge and skills to implement sustainable change.


Using the experience gained by our team working in industry over the last 20 years, we have developed a very effective approach which offers a number of significant advantages over the traditional consultancy approach, while continuing to incorporate emerging best practices.

Our approach comprises of workshops, project work and coaching, ensuring not only good understanding but ownership of the solution by the client.

Visual Management

We believe that the route to a project’s conclusion should be easily visible to all on the team and key stakeholders. We have developed a visual consulting methodology known as The Studio. This high level of communication and participation ensures not only a common understanding of the challenges, but also a shared need for change.

Other Key Elements of Our Approach

  • We deploy experienced consultants for the whole life of the assignment, ensuring continuity and keeping low the consultancy costs.
  • We focus in developing the client’s internal capability and technical skills.
  • We engage the client’s staff, making use of their superior knowledge of their company.
  • We bring additional expertise only as and when required.
  • We apply rigorous project and programme management.

Our emphasis is on delivering real, sustainable results, not lengthy reports.