Track Record

A track record of delivering real solutions, real results at pace

The successful implementation of Consult Avila recommendations results in rapid pay back and is exceptional value-for-money.

Our clients have operations all over the world and operate in a number of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, FCMG, utilities, technology, public sector, etc. with turnovers ranging from £50m to over a billion. Here are some examples.

Global automotive supplier

  • Preparation of a “3 year” business transofrmation plan, including a road map covering purchasing, inventory reduction, overhead reduction, relocation of production capability, site closures and movement into low cost production countries, resulting in a 150% EBITDA increase.
  • Execution of sourcing, supply chain management and cost reduction programme plans.


  • Significant increase in profitable new business as a result of improved bidding and processes.
  • Reductions in excess of 25% in inventory value & 20% in stock days within 12 months.
  • Purchasing savings 7% short term and 18% medium term – China savings realised 30%.
  • New manufacturing facilities and JV in low cost countries.

Global manufacturer of industrial air compressors

Planning and executing a complete business turnaround of a medium size global company. Including:

  • Implementation of a new replacement part organisation, involving the design of the entire supply chain, channels to market, distribution network.
  • Re-structuring of the manufacturing facilities, aligning them to their markets.
  • Re-design of their channels to market.


  • Significant improvement in revenue and profitability within 12 months of starting the assignment.
  • Recovery of spares market share by achieving over 95% availability with less than 1/3 of the previous inventory within 6 months.

Aerospace manufacturing business

  • Formulation of a business strategy and implementation of a complete supply chain re-structuring programme


  • Integration in to a single business – from a supplier of parts to a supply chain management solutions provider.
  • 100% increase in revenue within 3 years of starting the project.
  • Significant operational improvements.
    • 62% inventory reduction & 70% lead time reduction within 12 months.
    • 31% increase in output per head & 45% of floor space.

Flexible packaging business

  • European wide implementation of working capital reduction programme.


  • 25% reduction within 6 months (pilot project).
  • Roll out programme covering all major facilities.

Aerospace Systems supplier

  • Formulation and implementation of strategic sourcing programme


  • 30% reduction in number of suppliers within 4 months.
  • First year savings in excess of 8%
  • Original target of 25% cost reduction achieved within 2 years.