What our clients say about us…

Nick Sanders, CEO of CompAir:

“Consult Avila started working with the new management team shortly after the buy-out in 2002. At a time when the business was in poor shape and things needed to be fixed quickly and permanently, Avila was able to get to the heart of key process problems and recommend actions plans. They gained the trust and respect of my team very quickly, which was vital, and they stayed with us throughout the implementation phase to ensure that all the benefits were delivered and the relevant expertise was transitioned to CompAir people.”

Nick Sanders is currently Head of Portfolio at Better Capital LLP.

Derek Whitworth CEO TMD Friction:

“The challenge facing many companies today is not so much determining on what direction to take, but implementing the plans of the management team. Manufacturing companies have moved from requiring consultants to tell us what to do, to needing expert help to bridge skills gaps, to provide expert coaching and help with implementation. ConsultAvila is a great example of this new generation of organisations, who played a key role in supporting TMD Friction’s successful execution of a challenging restructuring plan following a change of ownership in 2006.”

Richard Tyson, Managing Director, Flight Refuelling Ltd, Cobham plc:

“Consult Avila assisted the new management at Flight Refuelling in developing a clear overview of the business processes, their strengths and weaknesses at a critical time in their evolution having failed on two high profile programmes in their core business. They worked hands on with the new Business Improvement leader, where their experience of highly complex Aerospace and Defence businesses was utilised to develop a prioritised improvement plan assisting in implementation of programme management processes and strategic sourcing specifically. This was developed to a full restructuring plan where they proved excellent hands on counsel to the local management team in executing their plans and supporting skills gaps that existed.”

Richard Tyson is currently Divisional President, Avionics & Surveillance at Cobham plc.

Neil Palfreeman, CEO, JATO Dynamics:

“We knew there were problems frustrating our progress. Consult Avila helped us to understand their actual implications and how to address them through challenging us, introducing new ways of working and real leadership. Their insights enabled us to turn our plans through actions into our results.”

Dr Phil Lewis, President and MD, Meggitt Polymer Solutions:

“Consult Avila not only provided us with the insight and experience to take our plans to fruition; through working closely with them, our management team and staff developed their own leadership and change management skills…”

Phil Lewis is currently CEO at Gardner Aerospace.

Mark Dickinson, Head of Sourcing, FRL (Cobham Mission Systems):

“… two years since the implementation, the supply base has been reduced by over 60%, there are multi £M savings deals implemented, exceeding targets…… The supply chain is now understood and characterised and we have far greater control…… They helped us develop the knowledge and confidence needed to meet the challenges ahead……. We would not hesitate to use them again.”