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Aerospace – Military complex electromechanical assembly & aftermarket: Creating a world class manufacturing facility

What We Did

  • Business Diagnostic delivered through a series of client / consultant workshops

  • Redefined the Make v Buy decision logic and redesigned supply chain

  • Complete redesign of three assembly lines and consequent factory layout

  • Redesigned material presentation and sub-assembly operations

  • Developed factory move plan incorporating implementation of new cell layouts

  • Provided CONSULTAVILA  interim support to reinforce key skill requirements ahead of and during the move / implementation



  • 30% reduction in floor space requirements enabling a smaller and more cost effective site

  • Reduced build lines from three to two by improving material flow and increasing flexibility of operations

  • Reduced capital spend required to achieve the relocation by 35% over pre-project baseline

  • Cleared customer arrears and achieved customer delivery schedule

  • Restructured supply chain and introduction of build kits reduced delivered items from 120 to 19 and eliminated waste associated with unwrapping individual piece parts

  • Assembly time per unit reduced by 21% due to elimination of out of station rework operations



FTSE250 PLC with significant aerospace and defence interests needed to move from a high cost and ageing manufacturing location.  Existing site underperforming with an aged manufacturing structure and poor product flow. Significant customer arrears and high levels of customer dissatisfaction

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