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Global Automotive supplier: transforming to get top of its class



The client was a private equity owned global automotive supplier with sales of over €900m. A market leader, having achieved significant growth through acquisitions, was facing problems with its cash flow and profitability.  

A major transformation programme was launched, covering all areas of the business, aimed to prepare the business for an exit. We partnered with the leadership team over the whole life of the transformation, providing consultancy, resources and coaching.

What We Did

  • Generation of a “3 years transformation plan” and set up Programme Office to manage its execution and optimise the use of resources.

  • The programme covered organisational re-design, purchasing, inventory reduction, overhead reduction, relocation of production capability, site closures and movement into low cost production countries.

  • Design of new spares distribution and aftermarket manufacturing facilities.

  • Implemented new bidding and NPI processes covering operations  in  Europe and the Americas.

  • We partnered with the leadership team over the whole life of the transformation, providing consultancy, resources and coaching



  • Significant increase in profitable new business as a result of improved bidding and processes, resulting in an 150% EBIDTA increase.

  • Optimised Product Portfolio and standardised global process for Life Cycle Management.

  • Reductions in excess of 25% in inventory value & 20% in stock days within 12 months.

  • Purchasing savings 7% short term and 18% medium term – China savings realised 30%.

  • Rationalisation of the manufacturing footprint in Western Europe, new manufacturing facility for legacy products in Eastern Europe and JV in India for non strategic portfolio.

Sustainable Energy

Energy sector equipment manufacturer: preparing for growth



The client, having developed a leading edge product, was facing the challenge of moving into full production and generating the cash to fund its growth. CONSULTAVILA was asked by the parent company to support the leadership team with the preparation and execution of a growth transformation programme (GTP) plan.

What We Did

The Growth Transformation Programme covered all the following aspects of the business,

  • Key management processes covering the entire product life cycle, including technology acquisition and business development processes.

  • Organisational structure and development needs, including headcount and competence requirements.

  • Manufacturing footprint and physical infrastructure, including capacity and capability requirements, both internally and externally.

  • The development of a culture capable of delivering and sustaining  profitable growth



  • A new customer centric organisation.

  • Improved Life Cycle Management and CRM processes

  • Programme Office to manage the implementation, providing change management expert support

  • A detailed to manage the growth covering resources & expertise required. timeline for key growth decisions and risk management

  • Detailed business case, including short and long term CAPEX

  • New business model -offering maintenance and repairsservicesto its clients


  • The business successfully exceeded its growth targets, having achieved over 300% growth in 5 years


business intelligence provider: 

consolidating its market leadership position



The client is a major provider of automotive sector intelligence. After gaining a position as a leading provider of strategic information in its sector, the leadership of the business identified the need to strengthen its organisation, core business processes and technology infrastructure. Following a review of the business, we were tasked with planning and executing a transformation plan.

What We Did

The Transformation Programme covered all the following aspects of the business, including:

  • Re-design of whole organisation and core business processes.

  • Development of technology infrastructure to support the business

  • Implementation of performance management process (Balance Score Card) 

  • Management development programme

  • The development of a customer centric culture capable of delivering and sustaining  profitable growth

In addition to consultancy, we provided:

  • Recruitment and onboarding of CEO

  • Interim IT Director 

  • Management of the transformation programme 



  • Over 40% revenue and 15% profit growth achieved in 3 years, net of the significant investment in technology, infrastructure and resourcing required to effect the transformation

  • Consolidation of the business position as a leader in its market

  • A flexible and capable organisation prepared to take the business forward

  • Robust technological infrastructure

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industrial equipment manufacturer: from rags to riches



The client was an industrial products business with facilities in the UK and Europe and sales of over £300m. After several years generating losses, it was acquired by a Private Equity. Our involvement started during the pre-acquisition phase, when we help the leadership team to identify opportunities to reduce the losses and generate cash for the business.

A major transformation programme was launched, covering all areas of the business, aimed to prepare the business for exit.

What We Did

  • Identification of opportunities to create value Planning and executing a complete business turnaround of a medium size global company. 

  • In its first year, CONSULTAVILA  designed and implemented a new replacement part organisation. Including the entire supply chain, channels to market, distribution network , pricing and inventory policies. 

  • This was followed by a re-structuring of their manufacturing footprint, creating focused factories, capable of delivering on time and most important of all …profitably!  

  • We worked with the management team to simplify and optimise their more complex  and key business processes, helping them to keep one step ahead of the competition in a highly competitive market



  • Recovery of spares market share by achieving over 95% availability with less than 1/3 of the previous inventory within 6 months. This increase in revenue and profits provided the cash required for the overall transformation of the company

  • In less than two years, the company achieved a complete turnaround,  guiding away from financial troubles and gaining recognition as a top UK manufacturer, achieving double digit growth and profitability, putting it well ahead of the market rate. 

  • Following a successful transformation of the entire business, the company was successfully exited


Aerospace SME supplier: from near

de-selection to preferred supplier



A medium size manufacturing of high precision machined parts and assemblies to the aerospace and defence sectors. The business was experiencing year after losses in revenue and was  a  a risk of losing major contracts due to poor delivery performance. Following a review of the business, we were tasked to intervene the business and turnaround its performance.

What We Did

  • Business Diagnostic:

    • Structured Make v Buy

    • Business Case Build

    • Developed  a “Core Team” capability

  • Preparation of the Workforce for Change

  • Programme Management of the Transformation process:

    • Turned into  a Lean manufacturing facility

    • Delivery of Performance Management  & Management development programmes

  • Negotiated LTA with major suppliers



  • 100% increase in revenue within 3 years of starting the project

  • Achieved preferred supplier status and negotiated a long term agreement

  • 70% reduction in average internal lead and inventory reduced by 62%, 

  • 30 % increase in sale and 33% increase in productivity

  • Floor Space reduced by 45%, creating space for new business

  •  70% of workforce participated in at least 1 event

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Formulation and deployment of Operation Strategy – Restructuring the entire Value Chain



The client is a leader developer and supplier of complex engineering systems to the aerospace and defence sectors. We were engaged to formulate and implement an operation strategy to enable the business to  move away from being vertically integrated and functionally organised to a process based organisation focused on the design & assembly and aftermarket support.

What We Did

Strategic review of the core capabilities

  • Manufacturing Make v Buy

  • Engineering Make v Buy

  • Support services Make v Buy

Sourcing Transformation

  • Formulation of Sourcing strategy

  • Set up and trained new commodity teams

  • Create new purchasing processes and infrastructure

  • Implementation of Operational Readiness Process

  • Project managed the outsourcing of parts/components manufacturing and facility management services

Through the implementation of the programme, we provided hands on training and coaching, supporting  the creation of the team that is now delivering the solutions required by the business. 



  • Within the first two years, the supply base has been reduced by over 60%, reducing purchasing cost by over 10%, exceeding business targets.

  • Outsourcing of “non-critical” engineering activities, resulting in the elimination of high number of high cost contractors and enhanced performance

  • The manufacturing footprint was reduced by over 30%, and many high risk but low utilisation processes were outsourced. This was a precursor to a site ‘regeneration’ project that involved moving the business to a new modern facility

  • One of the most valuable outcomes of this project was the engagement of the whole executive team in developing a better understanding of the significance of the supply chain and the way forward. 

Automotive OEM supplier: global deployment of life cycle management



An automotive supplier of supplier of safety critical, high performance products to the top vehicle manufacturers. As a result of lack of integration of acquisitions and global expansion, its Life Cycle Management Process became complex, costly and lengthy. Working together with its leadership and key staff we developed and implemented a new process, incorporating best practices and technologies. 

What We Did

  • Created a “Green Field” LCM process, incorporating the best practices found in the different parts of the business

  • Working with a real/live NPI project we facilitated a number of workshops, where we walked through each of the gateways and activities in between. Lessons were learned and changes were applied to the Green Field process.

  • Having successfully gone through a whole cycle, the new process was documented and rolled out through all the technical centres. 

  • Throughout the whole project, we used our Sustainable Change methodology to ensure pace and value



  • Measurable improvements in all areas including a doubling of new programme win rate.

  • New multifunction Product  Development and Introduction Teams committed to common goals & targets. 

  • Product  strategies agreed & translated into easily communicated ‘ground rules’.

  • New process with clearly defined decision points (gateways), responsibilities & measures.

  • A worldwide roll out programme tailored around the needs of each business unit enabling each unit to specify its detailed way of working within the overall process & guidelines. 

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Aerospace – Military complex electromechanical assembly & aftermarket: Creating a world class manufacturing facility

What We Did

  • Business Diagnostic delivered through a series of client / consultant workshops

  • Redefined the Make v Buy decision logic and redesigned supply chain

  • Complete redesign of three assembly lines and consequent factory layout

  • Redesigned material presentation and sub-assembly operations

  • Developed factory move plan incorporating implementation of new cell layouts

  • Provided CONSULTAVILA  interim support to reinforce key skill requirements ahead of and during the move / implementation



  • 30% reduction in floor space requirements enabling a smaller and more cost effective site

  • Reduced build lines from three to two by improving material flow and increasing flexibility of operations

  • Reduced capital spend required to achieve the relocation by 35% over pre-project baseline

  • Cleared customer arrears and achieved customer delivery schedule

  • Restructured supply chain and introduction of build kits reduced delivered items from 120 to 19 and eliminated waste associated with unwrapping individual piece parts

  • Assembly time per unit reduced by 21% due to elimination of out of station rework operations



FTSE250 PLC with significant aerospace and defence interests needed to move from a high cost and ageing manufacturing location.  Existing site underperforming with an aged manufacturing structure and poor product flow. Significant customer arrears and high levels of customer dissatisfaction



The client was a privately owned, award winning Creative design agency grown from a start up to £5m turnover over 6 years. Working with demanding Global brands and premium retailers required a robust review of the business operating systems to develop the management team, drive consistency and excellence in performance and release the founders from day-to-day operations to focus on the next phase of growth.

A Strategic review and business improvement programme was launched, covering all areas of the business, focussed on Customer satisfaction improvement through the definition and standardisation of best practice, embed continuous improvement review and develop the Leadership Team to prepare the business for growth. 


What We Did

  • Business Diagnostic and Engagement of the Senior Leadership to define the key barriers to Customer satisfaction and Business performance

  • BPI to Develop World Class Project delivery system including bidding, design and development through to delivery and handover.

  • Organisation review and redesign including a clear definition of roles, responsibilities, process KPI’s 

  • Design and deployment of Business Review cycle including Goal setting, Business review, functional and personal performance management

  • Strategic Plan Development and deployment process

  • We partnered with the leadership team over the whole life of the transformation, providing consultancy, know-how and coaching



  • Significant increase in profitably as a result of improved delivery processes, resulting in an 150% net profit improvement in the first full year.

  • Measurable improvement in Customer satisfaction to outperform client’s commercial expectations and deliver exceptional results

  • Establishment of a new office in Amsterdam to expand reach and effectively service brands located in mainland Europe

  • Development of the capabilities and expertise of the Management team allowing Founders to focus on growth

  • Business review process driving peer to peer responsibility, clear accountability and the continuous improvement in processes and results

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Engineer Working on Machinery

Global deployment of SIOP across all divisions of £2b engineering systems and solutions corporation


FTSE100 PLC with businesses across Europe, USA and ASIA, engaged in the deployment of a global operational excellence programme. We were asked to develop a standard Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning process (SIOP) and support the deployment across all divisions over a period of 24 months.


What We Did

Executive workshops with group leadership and divisional VP Ops to develop group SIOP Policy, standard SIOP process, Road Map and Programme Office

We organised two events with each Divisional leadership team and key staff

  • To ensure understanding of SIOP

  • Agree appropriate level of SIOP process – divisional Or facility level 

  • Prepare detailed divisional plan – site by site

Deployed SIOP Maturity Matrix & SIOP Readiness Assessment to  determine baseline, issues and prioritisation of resources.


Support deployment at divisional/facility level, applying an “adopt & adapt” approach, ensuring compliance with group SIOP Policy whilst addressing local isssues.​



  • Global Implementation of SIOP

  • Significant improvement of demand and capacity management 

  • In house capability to support and continuously improve the planning and control processes

  • Set of tools to support demand, capacity and inventory analysis

  • An integrated approach across divisions and continents. Allowing the exchange of lessons learnt, tools and techniques.

  • Set of KPI’s– at group, divisional and site levels

Automotive global supplier: generating value from sourcing



The client, an global automotive supplier with sales of over €900m, having achieved significant growth through acquisitions, was facing market pressures  for cost reductions and responsiveness. 

As a result of this, a major transformation programme was launched, of which the optimisation of the supply chain was a critical element.

What We Did

  • Carried out a Make v Buy exercise, identifying opportunities to outsource non-strategic product lines to low cost sourcing.

  • Rationalisation of the product portfolio, eliminating the complexity generated by the poor integration of acquisitions. 

  • Assisted in the setting up of a new Sourcing Organisation, including developing the processes and capabilities required to support the business

  • Supported the formulation and execution of sourcing strategies for each commodity with different characteristics, supplier relationships and opportunities



  • Standardisation of purchased parts, reducing  part numbers by more than 50%,

  • Achieved 7% short term savings  and medium-long term savings up to 18%

  • Sourcing from low cost countries of low risk commodities, realising a 35% cost reduction.

  • Reduced footprint by moving non-strategic product lines  to a supplier in India. 

  • A new sourcing organisation and robust management processes capable of supporting the business through the whole product life cycle.


Group Finance function turns from poor service into business partnership  


The client was the Finance service of a privately owned group of diverse businesses (23) with a combined annual turnover of £40m providing Monthly financial reports for review as well as project accounting for individual projects within the businesses. Coping with different and conflicting business cycles and dependent on other functions to deliver their reports, the Finance service struggled to meet expectations in terms of timeliness and quality of reporting. The goal of the service was in fact to become business partners to the Business leaders and add value through better understanding of root causes of performance and facilitating effective decision making.


A diagnostic was launched, covering all services of the function, focussed on Customer satisfaction and service level improvement. Process development through BPI and the definition and standardisation of best practice, embedding continuous improvement review and development of the team capability and knowhow.

What We Did

  • Diagnostic and engagement of the Internal Customers to define service level needs and requirements

  • Process mapping of key delivery processes within the Function to understand dependencies, timelines and expectations to meet agreed Customer satisfaction levels.

  • Standard working definition of every role within the Function to clearly define roles, responsibilities and identify any capability gaps.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly reporting mechanism designed and deployed to facilitate standard working and highlight issues before 

  • Design and deployment of Functional Review cycle including Goal setting, project management and progress review.

  • Strategic Plan Development and deployment process



  • Significant improvement in service levels to individual business requirements

  • Productivity and cost improvement in providing the service, through consistency and quality improvements

  • Development of the capabilities and expertise of the whole team

  • Team review process driving peer to peer responsibility, clear accountability and the continuous improvement in processes and results

  • Functional leadership time was liberated to focus on major step-change improvement projects and the development of additional services

  • Business partner role for leaders established as Board members

Automotive Remanufacturing - From suppliers to consumers


A Private equity owned, American leading manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket replacement parts, with sales of over $1b. Having experienced  significant growth through acquisitions, management identified the need to improve  its management processes and implement a new ERP system. We were asked by the Chairman to provide the support required.

What We Did

Discovery Phase

  • Assessment of existing  management processes and performance.

  • Gap analysis and dentification of opportunities for quick hit improvements and inventory reduction

  • Review proposed plans for  new ERP, using our ERP Fitness tool.

Implementation Phase – main facility

  • Detailed design and implementation of planning and control business processes

  • Specification for ERP solution – including planning parameter and an evaluation of ERP options 

  • Inventory Management and optimisation to  improve service levels  - including use of families based on ABC / RRS.

Roll Out of the above to the other facilities in the group

  • Standardisation of management processes and KPIs

  • Training of practitioners 



  • Improved capability for planning and control their operations, at site and group level, executing the following processes

    • SIOP

    • Demand Management 

    • MPS

    • Inventory Policy, classification and Management

    • Supplier Ordering

    • Cell Scheduling. 

  • Inventory Reduction

    • Implementation of quick hit opportunities

    • Detailed implementation plan

    • Monitoring and reporting system

  • Significant improvement in services levels

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Deployment of SIOP and integration of planning and control systems

A division of a FTSE100 PLC , the result of the merger of its UK business with a recently acquired  USA business. The client a leading supplier of OEM equipment and spares to the aerospace & defence sectors. We were engaged to implement SIOP at divisional level, as well as the development of standard demand, capacity an inventory management process across all sites.

What We Did

  • Gap analysis of current processes & performance.

  • Executive workshops with the first two tiers of management  to create a clear vision and road map for the programme.

  • Set up programme office, programme governance  and training of project team.

  • We carried out 4 monthly “one week” events, alternating between the USA and the UK,  to design, test and deploy SIOP process.

  • Task force team to deliver the following workstreams:

    • Forecasting and demand management processes

    • Standard MPS and capacity management process & tools

  • •Inventory policy and inventory reduction 

  • We provided coaching and support for the first 3 SIOP monthly cycles.

  • Effectiveness review after 12 months 



  • An integrated business planning organisation managing the process across the whole division, using the same data, tools and systems.

  • Significant improvement in availability and delivery of spares

  • Over £7m of inventory reduction. Implementation of ABC/RRS classification.

  • Internal capability to effectively manage and continuously improve the planning and control systems.

  • Set of KPIs


An ELECTRONICS company – Getting the programme back on course


Our client, an FT250 Electronics business, was undergoing a significant transformation programme, covering all aspects of the business, aimed at creating  a larger and more profitable business. Following the appointment of a new CEO, we were asked to provide an objective perspective on the project and overall risk assessment

What We Did

We conducted a Material Risk Review and Assessment of the overall programme, using our SustainableChange methodology, with emphasis on key elements

  • Overall Robustness and effectiveness

  • Actual project costs, including potential disruption to operations against planned.

  • Actual progress against planed milestones 

  • Validation of planned benefits 

  • Resources

  • Project Management and Governance

  • Risk assessment

In addition, we assessed the effectiveness of interdependent processes such as purchasing and  New Product Introduction



Following our recommendations, a number of corrective   actions were put in place, to ensure the achievement of the business objectives and mitigation of risks.  

We also reported on a number of wider issues identified during the review, related to the business model,  the approach change management and the lack of integration with other improvement activities. 

A new programme, with  a revised scope and new objectives, was launched. It was led by a senior executive of the business and incorporated our recommendations on the wider issues.

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Refrigerated Goods

A high volume multisite planning systems and inventory reduction programme


The European division of a high volume manufacturer of food packaging, with over 25 facilities across the continent. The businesses were preparing for a global deployment of SAP and were facing the challenge of too much cash tied up in inventory. We were asked to prepare and support a 12 months programme to deal with the lack of robust planning and control processes and reduce inventory

What We Did

  • Launch two pilot projects, one in an UK facility and the other in Europe, 

    • Developed and implemented new planning and control systems, including demand management.

    • Developed  new Inventory policy and prepared detailed inventory reduction plan 

  • Having demonstrated the concept, we are asked to roll out the programme

    • We trained their teams and provided direct support to projects in the four largest facilities

    • The rest of the facilities were supported through a series of events and workshops.



  • Successful roll out of the programme

  • 22,5% reduction in inventory  across the major 6 facilities in year 1

    • UK pilot project resulted in a reduction in inventory of £1.5m in 9 months, against a target of £950k

    • On average days of inventory were reduced by 25% in year , with detailed plans to achieve a further 25% reduction in year 2 

  • Service levels going from mid 80s to over 95% in two years

  • Integrated planning systems, involving Sales function. 

  • New inventory policy detailed inventory reduction plans across all facilities

  • Improved demand management, capacity planning and inventory management processes.

  • Internal capability to support the ongoing actions and continuous improvement activities


Industrial – Leveraging spend in a global supply chain


Global metallic wear solutions company looking to reduce raw material, sub contract and indirect purchasing costs.  Product costs were influenced significantly by changes in globally traded commodity prices making margins volatile.

What We Did

  • Completed a supply chain and sourcing assessment across 5 sites in Europe and North America

  • Used a 3 stage sustainable improvement approach: Stabilise and Gain Control, Develop Competence, Accelerate Improvement

  • Trained global team in strategic sourcing and supported implementation of commodity strategies and tactical quick wins

  • Improved inventory management processes and demand forecasting

  • Improve the linkage between materials price and sales price to maintain margin 



  • Delivered annualised savings of €2.7m in first year

  • Reduced reliance on several single source suppliers

  • Reduced risk from core business processes impacting purchasing

  • Embedded strategic sourcing process with deeper understanding of cost and performance drivers

Packaging Factory
Image by Marcin Jozwiak

Global industrial distribution company – transformation programme



This distributor of industrial commodities was facing the need for radical change following acquisitions and the change in shape of their market place from local to global supply. CONSULTAVILA was engaged to help them structure and manage this transformation.

What We Did

  • Conducted a diagnostic across the global business to identify the fundamental changes required.

  • Completed the design of the new operating model and achieved high levels of buy in from executives securing the business case to initiate the transformation

  • Launched the programme to detail design, procure a global ERP system and implementation partners to support delivery

  • Managed procurement

  • Established Programme Office to manage the programme



  • Achieved board approval for £50m transformation programme

  • Mobilised a global team to deliver

  • Appointed the partner network to deliver


Aerospace – New engine component programme recovery



Manufacturer of complex, precision aero engine components had embarked on an ambitious new product. Production delays and quality problems had put them at risk of stopping their customer’s assembly line. CONSULTAVILA was engaged to drive programme recovery

What We Did

  • Diagnostic to establish causes of poor performance

  • Establish recovery programme to identify and overcome key bottlenecks

  • Set up programme office to drive and monitor improvements

  • Supplied interim Management and key Technical staff to address specific short comings

  • Implemented governance and decision making processes to quickly address recovery actions and new product introduction process

  • Set clear targets and drumbeat for daily/weekly/monthly production rates



  • 130% increase in output of full product sets

  • 300% increase in demonstrated bottleneck capacity

  • Doubling of hours produced per quarter

  • Improved performance monitoring and control

  • Clear prioritisation of investment and decision making

Engineering Tools

Industrial – Introduction of “flow” to increase capacity and schedule adherence



A market leading supplier of engineering products in a buoyant market, facing the challenges of having to significantly increase productivity and capacity and reduce costs to deliver profitable growth. Its manufacturing facility had issues with complex synchronisation of product flows, high WIP, set-up constraints and ageing equipment

What We Did

  • Completed a detailed review of the manufacturing operations, planning processes and existing capital investment plan

  • Outsourced non-core competences following Make versus Buy

  • Identified the major constraints to throughput and increased short term capacity (OEE) of these constraints through better planning and operations management

  • Simplified and improved material flow through manufacturing systems re-design

  • Introduced visual management to increase responsiveness and maintain flow

  • Validated £1m investment in new capital, including bespoke equipment



  • Capacity increase of 95%, with actions in place to add another 30% to match new demand.

  • Productivity increase of 40%

  • Output increased to 350 cylinders per week and on target to achieve 400 with order book uplift

  • New operations and work-in-progress layout implemented

  • New capital installed and revised flow line implemented

  • Weakness of poor equipment reliability overcome with new equipment or dedicated fast response back-up plans

  • Improved Planning to generate optimum sequence and  alignment of cell schedule


Aerospace  – A successful transformation, bringing excellent return on investment



An award-winning leading Tier-1 supplier of detailed parts and added-value services to the global aerospace industry. In 2010, having failed to secure new investment to fund on-going losses, the business was acquired by a Private Equity. Following its, we were engaged on a numbers of projects, maintaining a close relationship with the leadership until its successful exit in 2017.

What We Did

  • Our first assignment was the formulation of a operation strategy, comprising of an strategic Make v Buy  and the identification of opportunities to enhance the capability and competitiveness of the business

  • Working capital optimisation, including inventory.

  • Formulation of strategy to create Low Cost Sourcing capability in India

  • Support the integration of UK based acquisition

  • Post acquisition Due Diligence and integration support of an European multisite business



  • Successful exit after 7 years of continuous growth and profitability

  • The business received injections totalling £41 million, most of which went into funding bolt-on acquisitions and capital projects. The business was acquired by an strategic buyer for over £320 millions.

  • Growth in revenue of 152% and in EBITDA of 615%, in 6 years.

  • Established itself as a preferred supplier to Airbus

Engineering Plans

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