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Automotive Remanufacturing - From suppliers to consumers


A Private equity owned, American leading manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket replacement parts, with sales of over $1b. Having experienced  significant growth through acquisitions, management identified the need to improve  its management processes and implement a new ERP system. We were asked by the Chairman to provide the support required.

What We Did

Discovery Phase

  • Assessment of existing  management processes and performance.

  • Gap analysis and dentification of opportunities for quick hit improvements and inventory reduction

  • Review proposed plans for  new ERP, using our ERP Fitness tool.

Implementation Phase – main facility

  • Detailed design and implementation of planning and control business processes

  • Specification for ERP solution – including planning parameter and an evaluation of ERP options 

  • Inventory Management and optimisation to  improve service levels  - including use of families based on ABC / RRS.

Roll Out of the above to the other facilities in the group

  • Standardisation of management processes and KPIs

  • Training of practitioners 



  • Improved capability for planning and control their operations, at site and group level, executing the following processes

    • SIOP

    • Demand Management 

    • MPS

    • Inventory Policy, classification and Management

    • Supplier Ordering

    • Cell Scheduling. 

  • Inventory Reduction

    • Implementation of quick hit opportunities

    • Detailed implementation plan

    • Monitoring and reporting system

  • Significant improvement in services levels

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