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An ELECTRONICS company – Getting the programme back on course


Our client, an FT250 Electronics business, was undergoing a significant transformation programme, covering all aspects of the business, aimed at creating  a larger and more profitable business. Following the appointment of a new CEO, we were asked to provide an objective perspective on the project and overall risk assessment

What We Did

We conducted a Material Risk Review and Assessment of the overall programme, using our SustainableChange methodology, with emphasis on key elements

  • Overall Robustness and effectiveness

  • Actual project costs, including potential disruption to operations against planned.

  • Actual progress against planed milestones 

  • Validation of planned benefits 

  • Resources

  • Project Management and Governance

  • Risk assessment

In addition, we assessed the effectiveness of interdependent processes such as purchasing and  New Product Introduction



Following our recommendations, a number of corrective   actions were put in place, to ensure the achievement of the business objectives and mitigation of risks.  

We also reported on a number of wider issues identified during the review, related to the business model,  the approach change management and the lack of integration with other improvement activities. 

A new programme, with  a revised scope and new objectives, was launched. It was led by a senior executive of the business and incorporated our recommendations on the wider issues.

Image by Magnus Engø
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