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Sustainable Energy

Energy sector equipment manufacturer: preparing for growth



The client, having developed a leading edge product, was facing the challenge of moving into full production and generating the cash to fund its growth. CONSULTAVILA was asked by the parent company to support the leadership team with the preparation and execution of a growth transformation programme (GTP) plan.

What We Did

The Growth Transformation Programme covered all the following aspects of the business,

  • Key management processes covering the entire product life cycle, including technology acquisition and business development processes.

  • Organisational structure and development needs, including headcount and competence requirements.

  • Manufacturing footprint and physical infrastructure, including capacity and capability requirements, both internally and externally.

  • The development of a culture capable of delivering and sustaining  profitable growth



  • A new customer centric organisation.

  • Improved Life Cycle Management and CRM processes

  • Programme Office to manage the implementation, providing change management expert support

  • A detailed to manage the growth covering resources & expertise required. timeline for key growth decisions and risk management

  • Detailed business case, including short and long term CAPEX

  • New business model -offering maintenance and repairsservicesto its clients


  • The business successfully exceeded its growth targets, having achieved over 300% growth in 5 years

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