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business intelligence provider: 

consolidating its market leadership position



The client is a major provider of automotive sector intelligence. After gaining a position as a leading provider of strategic information in its sector, the leadership of the business identified the need to strengthen its organisation, core business processes and technology infrastructure. Following a review of the business, we were tasked with planning and executing a transformation plan.

What We Did

The Transformation Programme covered all the following aspects of the business, including:

  • Re-design of whole organisation and core business processes.

  • Development of technology infrastructure to support the business

  • Implementation of performance management process (Balance Score Card) 

  • Management development programme

  • The development of a customer centric culture capable of delivering and sustaining  profitable growth

In addition to consultancy, we provided:

  • Recruitment and onboarding of CEO

  • Interim IT Director 

  • Management of the transformation programme 



  • Over 40% revenue and 15% profit growth achieved in 3 years, net of the significant investment in technology, infrastructure and resourcing required to effect the transformation

  • Consolidation of the business position as a leader in its market

  • A flexible and capable organisation prepared to take the business forward

  • Robust technological infrastructure

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