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Aerospace SME supplier: from near

de-selection to preferred supplier



A medium size manufacturing of high precision machined parts and assemblies to the aerospace and defence sectors. The business was experiencing year after losses in revenue and was  a  a risk of losing major contracts due to poor delivery performance. Following a review of the business, we were tasked to intervene the business and turnaround its performance.

What We Did

  • Business Diagnostic:

    • Structured Make v Buy

    • Business Case Build

    • Developed  a “Core Team” capability

  • Preparation of the Workforce for Change

  • Programme Management of the Transformation process:

    • Turned into  a Lean manufacturing facility

    • Delivery of Performance Management  & Management development programmes

  • Negotiated LTA with major suppliers



  • 100% increase in revenue within 3 years of starting the project

  • Achieved preferred supplier status and negotiated a long term agreement

  • 70% reduction in average internal lead and inventory reduced by 62%, 

  • 30 % increase in sale and 33% increase in productivity

  • Floor Space reduced by 45%, creating space for new business

  •  70% of workforce participated in at least 1 event

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