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Programme Health Check

More projects fail to achieve their objectives than succeed… In the article I published a little while back I took a slightly flippant look at the causes of project failure and drew on lessons from great leaders. In this piece I would like to offer a simple self-assessment for you to judge your projects and point towards some actions you could take to achieve a better project performance.


  • 32 or above – you are a Rockstar! We would like to hear your story… comment below

  • 22-32 – you are in that area where it’s all a bit hit and miss – some small changes could make some big performance impacts. Get in touch to talk it through.

  • Less than 22 – substantial change required to succeed – we can work up a plan with you.

If you would like to address the issues you have found in this questionnaire, we would like to offer the opportunity for a free consultation call to work through your action plan. Please contact

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