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Building on our experience of working with our clients to deliver change in complex environments, we have developed a proven process for delivering SUSTAINABLECHANGE​.


Our systems based approach addresses the challenges of sustaining change with focus on eight key transformational elements delivered through robust and dedicated programme management. The change process is focussed on benefits realisation: delivering sustainable value with rapid payback to our clients at all stages with clear goals for each phase.

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Our approach


sustainable value








Road map

Informed by facts and analysis from the diagnostic of the business, we ensure alignment and shared ownership of an ambitious but achievable vision, we confirm need for change, agree objectives, scope, approach and key issues to be addressed

The senior leadership set the agenda, pace and vision and must lead from the front. Visible leadership presence will generate and sustain the ownership of key route map components by senior stakeholders and demonstrate commitment to the delivery of benefits.

Getting your whole team on board with the change will require systematic engagement plans and feedback mechanisms. Key stakeholder groups need to be identified and the engagement mechanisms defined to develop and maintain buy-in and enthusiasm for the change. 

The impact of the change  needs to be understood and  the new capabilities need to be defined, trained and validated against the performance levels expected to deliver benefits. New processes and tools will require different or new skills.

Step change and continuous improvement in process performance will be delivered through a fundamental review to deliver the planned benefits. Key processes will need to be designed, developed and tested through piloting with the right tools and training of employees.

In the future state, roles and skill sets will evolve as expectations, measures of performance and reporting requirements become realigned to the delivery of benefits. We help design an organisation that is aligned with the vision, including how will people’s roles and responsibilities change in the future state.

The vision of the future operating model, we call “The Greenfield”, including the definition of benefits targets is tempered with the real world. A clear plan of the required steps that will bridge the gap between the current state and the realistic “Brownfield” vision is agreed with clear timescales and route map.

Culture is “the way we do things around here”. The change process will require behaviour and habit change in the way we work. Reinforcement by Leaders is key, therefore values and incentives need to be re-defined to sustain change and achieve the required benefits. 

our process

Our Change Methodology provides a framework that is deployed with agility to maximise opportunities and react to evolving circumstances​.

We work in partnership:

  • Empowering people to deliver the change

  • Transferring skills to make and maintain the change​

  • Delivering Sustainable Change

We focus on benefits realisation: delivering  sustainable value with Rapid Payback. 

change methodology

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