What we do

We partner with our clients to create real value, generating significant and SUSTAINABLECHANGE in performance, processes, and behaviours across the business. With our expertise and industry experience, we can help you to transform your business , to improve its core management processes or, if in distress, to turnaround its performance. 

We work with your team at all stages of the journey

  • Identifying the root causes of the issues stopping you from realising your objectives. 

  • Developing a plan to deliver a real solution, that defines what needs doing and how is to be done, ensuring that it focuses on real issues rather than symptoms, unlocking your full potential.

  • Making it happen, by following our approach of SUSTAINABLECHANGE, applying rigorous programme management, and creating the internal capability to execute it.


Our passion is the creation and delivery of real sustainable value at pace.


Business Transformation

Businesses are facing the continuous challenge of remaining competitive in a fast-changing world. Only those businesses capable of adapting and responding quickly and effectively to changes will thrive. Transformation is no longer a choice; it is a must.  

But research shows that most transformation programmes fail to deliver. The reasons are many, well-known and avoidable. 

Combining our understanding of how businesses work with our experience in managing real change, we deploy our framework methodology -SUSTAINABLECHANGE - to deliver significant and robust transformations, unlocking the full potential of your business.


Business Growth & performance

Changing market and customer expectations are placing ever increasing demands on the business and your people to constantly improve growth, customer satisfaction, efficiencies and develop new products and services. 

We passionately believe that performance is driven through process excellence and empowered people at every level of your Company. CONSULTAVILA work to deliver Step-Change and Continuous Improvement capability, changing behaviours and creating high performance Teams and business outcomes 

– real solutions, real results, at pace


Business Turnaround

We know what it takes to stabilise a business in distress and do what it takes to act quickly preserve value, as our track record shows. 

Our experience and skills in delivering turnaround equips to act quickly and effectively, minimising your losses whilst diminishing risks.

Our clients’ needs vary from immediate and radical intervention to expert support.  Working shoulder to shoulder with the management team, investors and other professionals, we rapidly identify and execute what needs to be done. 


programme management 

Projects and programmes go wrong! This can be traced to some consistent themes: lack of clarity of objectives; non-realistic planning; risks are not managed; key people are not engaged; the people aren’t up to the job; the benefits are not clear; and people do not know “what’s in it for me?”.

Our approach to programme management addresses these themes with a focus on the outcomes expected. Using a right to left “goal directed” approach supported by governance is at the heart of SUSTAINABLECHANGE.

If you are concerned about a programme, launching major transformation or setting up a new programme we will help you.


end-to-end supply chain optimisation

Your supply chain can enhance value or destroy value. This requires a clear understanding of what your business needs to do well and what external suppliers can provide.


We transform end to end supply chains -  Make versus Buy, internal operations, 

strategic sourcing, supplier relationships and management of risk to maximise value.


Integrated business planning and control

Frequently, businesses planning is disjointed, siloed and supported by spreadsheets and systems that do not communicate or use the same data. The outcome is complexity, excessive cost, high inventory and failure to deliver on time.

CONSULTAVILA has a solid track record of helping clients to improve their planning processes and optimise their inventory:

  • Implementing Sales Inventory Operations Planning (SIOP), applying our Rapid Deployment methodology moving within weeks from concept to implementation.

  • Using our VIOS™ method to quickly visualise and model inventory, addressing the root causes to release cash through process & policy improvements in weeks not months.


Mergers & Acquisitions due diligence and Value Growth

Investors need to quickly identify and quantify key opportunities and risks. Our Deep Dive Due Diligence gives our clients confidence to value accordingly and then execute at pace to deliver enhanced results.


From Private Equity and large Corporates to owner managed businesses CONSULTAVILA consistently provide the agile, pragmatic and hands-on expertise throughout the investment life cycle required for success.